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27 April 2021

How to use adjust webcam parameters?

A very straightforward software written in C++ is v4l2ucp (Video for Linux Two ucp). It uses Qt libraries on Linux to read a description of the controls that the V4L2 device supports from the device, and presents the user with a graphical means for adjusting those controls.

In a one-page interface you will be able to control as much as (controls will depend on your device):

  • brightness
  • contrast
  • saturation
  • hue
  • white balance temperature
  • gamma
  • power line frequency
  • sharpness
  • backlight compensation
  • exposure auto mode
  • This can be extremely useful in dark room for example.

    Here are some screenshots:

    screen 1

    screen 2

    📬 contact me: wwwgem@disroot.org

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