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28 April 2021

dmenu: a powerful menu launcher

Here is a script I've built to launch a command, run a web search, open a bookmark, or do a simple calculation. Dmenu will run automatically recognize what need to be done with the text thrown at it.

To run this script you will obviously need dmenu but also:

  • menu-calc if you want to do simple calculation. menu-calc uses bc as the backend and will accept any operations bc is able to do.
  • menu-calc github

  • xclip if you want to use copy/paste in dmenu
  • a web browser and your preferred search engine. Here I'm using Brave and duckduckgo
  • part of this script also handle my vpn connection automatically (expressvpn)
  • This script is available on my gitlab (named dmenu.sh)

    www-gem gitlab

    (remember that I'm not a professional IT and this script may not written at best but at least it works)

    Hope you'll find it useful. Don't hesitate to let me know and/or to submit improvements !

    📬 contact me: wwwgem@disroot.org

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