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01 May 2021

infobar: infobar in bash for your WM

This script populates your windows manager infobar with some information.

I'm using it with dwm (and no bar patches) but this script is usable with any WM that support bash to populate its infobar.

Your infobar show the:

  • time in 12H format and date as abbreviated weekday, abbreviated month, day of month
  • free disk space free space on / and /home (in Go)
  • free memory (in %)
  • wifi network signal strength (in %) and access point name
  • vpn status (disconnected or location). Requires expressvpn (or a vpn client)
  • battery info level (in %) and remaining time or time to full charge status ("+" for charging)
  • volume (in % or "mute")
  • systray (define your own icons for your desired applications)
  • Note that you may need to tweak some commands depending on needs but this may be a good way to start getting some ideas.

    This script is available on my gitlab

    www-gem gitlab

    📬 contact me: wwwgem@disroot.org

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