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Mastodon in the terminal

I have always found social networking boring, fake, tasteless... but I quite recently joined Mastodon which is an open source decentralized social network - by the people for the people. The philosophy is very different from the other social network platforms and that is why I like it. See here for more info:

Social networking, back in your hands

Then the question was to find the perfect way (to me) to interact with my new virtual friends. I am not a fan of using web frontend and I also like th simplicity of terminal-based apps. That is why I went with tut. Tut is a TUI for Mastodon with vim inspired keys. It is actively developed and replaced my previous program of choice (toot) for Mastodon management in the terminal.

I made the switch to this program because it offers a clean and easily navigable interface with additional features compare to toot.

Here are the main ones but keep an eye on it because the developer plans to implement more in the future:

tut github

- acces your home, local, federated, direct, notifications timeline

- see blocked/muted users list

- see your boosted/favorited toots

- list your bookmarks

- compose new toots

- access your profile

- search by tag (e.g. :tag linux)

- search by user (e.g. :user rasmus or :user rasmus@mastodon.acc.sunet.se)

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