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14 May 2021

shell configuration

If there should be a mother of all the config files that may be the shell one. Indeed, whether it is bash, zsh, fish, dash, ash, csh... we all need to run a shell and they all can be configured through a config file.

So in this config file that I share with you today, you will find some basic options to configure the appearance of your shell. I have tried to explain them in the file itself (named shellrc on my gitlab:

www-gem gitlab

Here I just want to give you an overview of these options:

- customizing the colors of your commands output can be done by defining the LS_COLORS variable. Through a list of codes you can, in one line, define the foreground/background colors of directories and files, and also define whether or not the text should be bold.

- if your home/end/insert/delete keys are not correctly recognized, you can define them easily through bindkeys.

- a nice thing to personalize is the prompt of your shell. In this file I have shared a quite lengthy list of bash/zsh variables to define the colors of your prompt but also what it should contain (username, date, path, symbols...).

Note that I only focusing on PS1 in this config file but you could apply the same rules to PS0, 2, 3, or 4. You can see the different PS definitions here for example:


In the same PS variable, you can also define the default shape of your cursors (block, underline, beam).

- finally you can use this file to define aliases which is a nice way to make your use of your shell more efficient by basically defining your own shortcuts for any commands.

Hope you'll find it useful. Don't hesitate to let me know and/or to submit improvements !

📬 contact me: wwwgem@disroot.org

🪧 gemini://www-gem.pollux.casa/configs/01-shellrcus.gmi