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26 May 2021

make copyq works with dmenu

Copyq is my clipboard manager of choice


I've tried lots of them before sticking with this one. The features offered by copyq fit my needs perfectly. For example, you can work with primary and secondary clipboards, copy/paste images, it can remember the text formatting, you can define a lot of rules for which windows to (not) interact with and how to handle what is copied based on their mime type, you can call a popup window with the clipboard history through a simple keybinding, and more...

The only thing that was a little bit messy to my specific usage is that the copyq popup window is not behaving perfectly well with my WM (dwm). Some options to access some clipboard manager through dmenu exist but I could not find any for copyq.

But thanks to the powerful command line and scripting interface offered by copyq I was able to write a very short script to integrate copyq into my dmenu.

Basically, this script will show me the last 99 items stored in the clipboard and will automatically paste the selected item in the active window. Also I've added a small option to be able to delete any items.

I've shared my script (names demnu-copyq.sh) on my gitlab

www-gem gitlab

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, improvements, or other tools you like to use.

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